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Terry Gillespie is better known by his comedy name, Mr. Rubber Face.  With his wacky facial contortions, animal impressions and high-energy shenanigans, he's developed a loyal following who flock to see his hilarious antics. 

November 2015 appeared on Condo Cops.  “Condo Cops" tells the real-life stories of people that do the most outrageous things, while property managers do their best to enforce the condo association’s Rules and Regulations. Filmed locally.

 Winner of the New Jersey Laugh Off and starred of the movie's The Evil Within, Tuvalu, Creamaster 3 and Crooks.

Currently, living in Pinellas County, FL, born and raised in Philadelphia, PA.  Spent his early comedy career living in San Francisco for 8 years working with Robin Williams, Will Durst, Bobby Slayton, Paula Poundstone, Bobcat Goldthwait, Kevin Pollak and many others.   Then my career moved me to Boston for 3 years where I had the pleasure to work with Denis Leary and Louie CK. 

Mr. Rubber Face has appeared in numerous commercials and in comedy clubs across the country.



Terry Gillespie